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HCT GreenNest Eco House

Higher College of Techology

Sultanate of Oman

Designed by: HCT Eco House Website Team 2018

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HCT GreenNest Eco House is the official entry of Higher College of Technology in the first ever Oman Eco House Design Competition sponsored by The Research Council of Oman. In line with the long-term plan of the Sultanate of Oman in energy conservation, development of renewable energy and environment sustainability, TRC challenges the creativity, talents and skills of the youth of today. The competition calls for a construction of a comfortable, livable home that is energy-efficient, eco-friendly and boasts marketable architectural design in order to meet this goal.

HCT GreenNest is the Overall 1st place winner and has already garnered its reputation being selected as one of the best designs among other participants from different educational institutions.  





Environmental Science

Building the future today DESIGN CONCEPT:	Eco-friendly, energy efficient and Omani Architectural design HCT GreenNest

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The HCT GreenNest team aims to showcase the following:

Architecture:    Modern design inspired by Omani culture and tradition.

Electrical:         A solar photo voltaic system for electrical power generation which is capable of supplying excess power to the grid.

Mechanical:      Features the design and operation of an energy-efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and solar water heating system.

Greywater:       Collect, recycle and purify house waste water for irrigation purposes.

Environmental Science:  Carefully selected plant life that acts as natural heat barrier, provide better air quality and a harvest of organic produce from the garden.

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